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Several years ago when LED lighting first arrived on the market there was a great deal of unknown regarding the product. Fairman & Associates decided early on to set up a test to see how the product performed and what were the weakness and the strengths. To start, we selected an exterior wall pack that would cycle on and off daily using a photo cell. At the onset we wanted to stay with a product manufactured in the USA where we could have a conversation with the company regarding our questions.

Upon installation, we measured the lumen output of the fixture and started a log. Every six months, measurements were taken to chart any drop in light. For the first three years we found little or no drop. In year four the drop became noticeable and by the end of the fifth year the light output had dropped by over forty percent.

In the past five years we have seen a great deal of improvement in the products that are out in the market place. We have embraced the product in many areas such as replacement of recessed lighting, fluorescent fixtures, parking and parking lot and garage lighting. By installing LED lighting in older buildings where there is limited electrical service, we have been able to gain extra capacity that allows for today’s requirements of office systems.

LED lighting has cut down electrical maintenance, reduced electrical consumption, reduced heat load which in turn adds to the reduced electrical consumption, and over all reduces the operating costs. The future is bright for LED lighting and it provides a very positive and quick return on the initial investment.


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Bill has over thirty years of experience in the property and asset management field with additional expertise in: Budget and cost controlling, long range planning, preventative maintenance scheduling, site selection, purchase and/or lease negotiations, court receivership, property appraisal, inspections and review coordination.