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An ingenious street artist has been turning property and facility eyesores into clever and colorful art. The advantage of this is it shifts ugly hardware and utilities into wonderful conversation pieces for any property. In addition, the surrounding community may give you praise for creatively beautifying your surroundings.

Here are some wonderful creative examples we’ve seen by the artist TomBobNYC, as found on various websites and social media. Abutments change into charming and entertaining backdrops for the entire community to enjoy.

Do these before-and-after images spark some other ideas about how you’d makeover utility objects into something fun, colorful, and clever? Let us know! If you decide to get creative, send us your before and after pictures and we’ll post them here, in our “Insights” area.

In the meantime, enjoy these transformations from the very practical to the fun and imaginative! To see more, go to:

Image source: Source: Bored Panda

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Steven Mitchell

Steven Mitchell, a Licensed Community Association Manager, joined Fairman & Associates, Inc. as a Property Manager in 2014. He has worked in construction management & property management industry for twenty years. He is currently managing Broward and Palm Beach portfolios and works closely with his Boards of Directors, property owners and tenants to ensure efficient management and maintenance of the properties.